The MOOKA Group and its suppliers hold accreditation to supply, install, and refurbish a wide range of valves, all of which are ISO/EC/ASME accredited and SABS-approved. Our valve product range includes knife-gate valves, ball valves, pinch valves, plug valves, gate valves, actuated valves, manual valves, butterfly valves, non-return valves, pressure relief valves, and pressure regulating valves.



  1. Bi-directional in-line bubble-tight seal independent of line pressure
  2. Multiple external bubble-tight seals independent of line pressure
  3. Direct mechanical three-point adjustment independent of line pressure
  4. Independent travel stops
  5. Full encapsulation and retention of all leading edges of PTFE sleeve and top seal components
  6. Full lip at port openings protects PTFE sleeve
  7. Contoured waterway ensures minimum flow turbulence characteristic
  8. No body cavities to entrap flow media
  9. Positive flow direction indication
  10. Standard heavy-duty gears available on all FluoroSeal® valves
  11. 10. Drilled and tapped flange mounting pads independent of cover and top seal assembly

The MOOKA Group is dedicated to distributing both international and local valve brands, providing effective solutions for our client’s diverse production challenges. Our valve offerings include:

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves:

  • Available in various body and disc materials
  • Offered with flanged and wafer connections
  • Operated with levers, gearboxes, pneumatic, and electric actuators
Pressure Control Valves

Pressure Control Valves:

  • Offered in various pressure control and reducing systems
  • Available in different materials
Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves:

  • Offered in various body and blade materials
  • Operated with pneumatic, hydraulic actuators, gearboxes, and handwheels
  • Equipped with proximity sensor brackets
Non-Return Valves

Non-Return Valves:

  • Available in various body and disc materials
  • Types include swing check, double door, spring disc, and ball types
  • Offered with flanged and wafer connections

Plug Valves:

  • Tapper cylindrical Plug, in wheel and lever operation.

Ball Valves:

  • Lever Operation Half ball 1 piece full ball has 2 to 3 Pieces.


Gate Valves:

  • Offered in various gate and body materials
  • Operated with handwheels, gearboxes, and pneumatic actuators
  • Available in different pressure ranges
Flowseal pipe plugs


MOOKA MIS proudly partners with John Crane and operates a fully functional local mechanical seal refurbishment center in Rustenburg. This initiative aims to enhance service efficiency and minimize operational downtime for our clients. We have expanded these offerings to other branches within the MOOKA Group and are currently in the process of establishing another refurbishment center in Middleburg, Mpumalanga. Additionally, we maintain stock of John Crane Gland Seal Packing, Couplings, and Mechanical Seals.

John Crane Seals


The MOOKA Group proudly serves as a distributing agent for ROXIA, offering advanced dewatering, industrial automation, and environmental technologies. Our product range includes filter presses such as

  • Tower Filter Process,
  • Ceramic Disc Filter Press,
  • Plate and Frame Filter Press, and
  • Smart Filter Press.


Additionally, we provide

  • Aerators,
  • Plasma Oxidizers,
  • and the IIoT Malibu System.
roxia dewatering
Roxia Floating Aerator

Oxygenate remotely and smarter with the Roxia Aerator controlled through Malibu digital platform.

Smart Filter Press
Smart Filter Press

Fully automatic compact plate frames with high capacity, low operation & maintenance cost.

Roxia Tower Presses

Offers driest efficient smart cake wash, with minimal energy & water loss, with single cloth fully.

Roxia Ceramic Disc Filter
Roxia Ceramic Disc Filter

Turbocharges with 90% less energy, with flow alchemy for minerals, mining, and beyond. with clear filtrate and dry cake.

As your dedicated partner in industrial excellence, we go beyond supplying top-tier dewatering solutions and state-of-the-art water treatment technologies. We understand the importance of seamless production, and that’s why we also provide essential replacement parts and spares.

water treatment technologies


The MOOKA Group provides supply and maintenance services for mixers sourced directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Additionally, we serve as agents for gearboxes and samplers and offer supply and maintenance solutions for plate coolers and various pumps from SPX.

Nettco i-Series Mixer
Nettco i-Series Mixer

Portable & Fixed on clamp mount mixer. Ideal for 0.1 to 20 𝑚3tanks with wide range of impellers and mounting.

Lighthin Series 10 Mixers
Lighthin Series 10 Mixers

The mixer is perfect for shafts up to 9 meters long large tanks, operating at to 204 °C with 10 speed reducers.

Compact Series Mixer
Compact Series Mixer

The compact series mixer drive is a high-strength design to accommodate high loads shafts of 13 to 155 rpm.

lightnin-series70 mixers
70 Series Mixers

The 70 series mixers is available in both double and triple reduction gearing from 280 down to 9 rpm.


The Mooka Group delivers comprehensive industrial vacuum system services, backed by in-depth industry and application knowledge, facilitated by our highly focused applications team. Top management ensures alignment with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Policy requirements, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation in solving challenges such as recovering lost products and waste cleaning.

Small Vacuum Pumps
Small Vacuum Pumps

Economic solution for good quality vacuum in small volumes.

Mechanical Booster
Mechanical Booster 

Positive displacement blowers with magnetic direct drive for backing vacuum pump.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps 

Simple vacuum pump design with suction capacity of 20 to 54 000 𝑚3/hr, The 33 millibars.

Recovac L Series 

Mobile recovery/cleaning unit ideal for boiler house, smelter, and roof cleaning.




The MOOKA Group provides supply and service for a range of pumps and systems, including; 

MOOKA  Group have unique services and product offerings when it comes to our vacuum systems.

Our vacuum systems are custom designed for our client’s requirements which it is crucial to the product processes. We focus on separation, drying, recovery and transferring of product in the processes or spillages


our extensive product range and competitive edge allow us to deliver the best solutions for your needs.

We supply a variety of vacuum pumps, steam ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressor systems (flat sided and conical, dry vacuum pumps and mechanical boosters

  • Graco Husky Double Diaphragm Pumps
  • Graco Fluid Control (Oil / Grease) Transfer Pumps
  • Bran Luebbe Cerex Metering Pumps
  • Dosing Pumps
  • DD Pumps
  • Vacuum Pumps
Mooka Pumps
Graco Fluid Control Transfer Pumps
Graco Grease Pump Package
Graco Grease Pump Package 

Handles grease at maximum pressures of up to 580 bars, at a pump ratio of 50:1.

Graco 241906 ¾’’ Double Diaphragm Pumps
Graco 241906 ¾’’ Double Diaphragm Pumps

Handles pressures of up to 7 bars, with max air input pressure of 7 bars.

CombiTherm Centrifugal Pumps
Johnson Pumps
CombiTherm Centrifugal Pumps

Suitable for high temp fluid (With max Oil & water temp of 350 & 190°C. At max of 16 bars & 3600 rpm.

Novados Express Metering Pumps
Novados Express Metering Pumps

Handles 2-300 L/H flow rates, up to 100 bars pressure, and accommodates various liquid dosage applications.


HM Medium Duty Unlined Metal Pumps
Hart Slurry Pumps 2
HM Medium Duty Unlined Metal Pumps

Can supply heads of up to 65m at flow rates of 20-1500 𝑚3/hr

Vertical Centrifugal Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump
Hart Slurry Pumps 2
Vertical Centrifugal Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump

HV & HVR pumps are ideal for mining & steel mills with the ability to run dry.

Centrifugal Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump
Hart Slurry Pumps 2
Centrifugal Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump

HA & HAR are designed for efficient handling of highly abrasive, high- density slurries..


The Mooka Group has been appointed as a distributor of ALFAGOMMA, with the strategy to be a single-source integrated system supplier supporting its partners with a complete product range of Hydraulic Rubber and thermoplastic Hose, Hydraulic Fittings and adapters, Quick Release Couplings and Multi-K, Swivel & Plug-in Connectors, Hydraulic Hose Assemblies, Manipulated Tubes, Industrial Rubber, Thermoplastic & Composite Hose, Industrial Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose, Industrial Fittings, Industrial Hose Assemblies.



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