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The MOOKA Group has initiated a transformative effort aimed at uplifting both our suppliers and existing small organizations, which serve as strategic network partners in the mining, minerals, and industrial sector.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, this endeavor holds significant importance to us, emphasizing the development of ourselves and these organizations. However, we recognize that we cannot accomplish this alone and seek your support to advance these initiatives toward sustainable upliftment and transformation. We have implemented procedures and systems to actualize these initiatives, and your contribution is integral to making a meaningful difference.

Quarterly performance and growth tracking reports will be provided to demonstrate the impact of your contribution on the growth of the Mooka Group and our ecosystem.

Areas of Transformation

In the realm of mining, the MOOKA Group recognizes the necessity for a shift in mindset towards compliance with B-BBEE codes and best practices, a realization that took shape in 2013. Our acknowledgment stems from the need to not merely meet regulatory requirements but to proactively contribute to the South African economy.

Our overarching objective is to realign our strategies to authentically embrace transformation and foster positive impacts on local communities while consistently surpassing the business expectations of our clientele.

The MOOKA approach underscores the most efficient means to embrace transformation by leveraging tools and opportunities facilitated by the South African government. This initiative has empowered us to expand our capabilities and establish an ecosystem conducive to our growth, viewing B-BBEE compliance not solely as a mandate but as a strategic enabler for future expansion.

Our focus lies on several key areas:

  • Preparation to transition into the generic space.
  • Cultivating the MOOKA ecosystem, achieving 100% black ownership, and establishing strategic partnerships.
  • Nurturing a comprehensive ecosystem through enterprise supplier development initiatives.
  • Adherence to overarching regulations governing preferential procurement policies.


The MOOKA Group’s commitment extends to facilitating access for other black-owned entities, offering a broader spectrum of services to current and prospective clients in the mining and industrial sectors.

In our pursuit of transforming the mining supplier landscape, the MOOKA Group drives various initiatives, including graduate programs, skills transfer, internships, and leadership development.

Backed by a team boasting over 150 years of collective experience in the mining and industrial sectors, and supported by reputable suppliers with a century-long legacy, the MOOKA Group stands as a proud BE level 1 empowering supplier. All our products adhere to international ISO standards, further underlining our commitment to excellence.


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