The engineering division at MOOKA MIS, established in 2007 with over 25 years of combined engineering expertise, offers a range of activities:


  • General engineering services, including pump and gearbox repairs
  • Supply of electrical parts and components
  • Steel fabrication and manufacturing, including structures and conveyor structures
  • Furnace steelwork
  • Plate work and piping fabrication (Stainless Steel / Mild Steel)
  • Fabrication of feeds, bins, material cars, etc.


MOOKA Group provides the following on-site services:

  • Dry Ice Blasting Services
  • Industrial Vacuum Rentals & Services
    • Liquid Ring vacuum pumps and compressors
    • Vessel mounted vacuum filtrate pumps
    • Chemical dry pumps and systems
    • Rotary vane oil sealed vacuum pumps
    • Ejector systems
    • Argon hook-up systems for steel industry
    • Steel degassing systems
    • Industrial recovery/cleaning central systems
    • Mobile trailer mounted recover/cleaning systems
    • Underground mining systems

Trailer unit with internal hopper

  • Units are available as trailer, tractor and chassis-mounted
  • Compact, easy to manoeuvre in plant
  • Unit available with external hopper can be connected to fixed pipework
  • Specialised filter system for wet and dry products
  • Units are designed for specific applications
  • Powered by diesel engine or electric motor


Trailer with 2m³ lifting hopper.

  • 2000 – 3000 m³/h air flow capacity.
  • Manoeuvrable in the working area.
  • Particle size up to 60 mm diameter.
  • High vacuum up to -80 kPa.
  • Level sensor control.
  • Automatic or manual hopper discharge.


Recovac 1000

  • Recovac 1000 unit with internal collection bin, rugged frame with retractable legs.
  • Can be used as a fixed system or moved around on the plant
  • Manual flap valve to discharge
  • Automatic valve for continuous discharging
  • Simple control panel
  • Specialised filter system with pulsing to ensure filters are not blocked
  • ATEX version available


Recovac 4000

  • Stationery vacuum system
  • Fully Automatic
Mooka Process Vacuum Mobile

Field serviceS

Our experienced field teams are ready to get your critical equipment up and running. In specific geographies, MOOKA offers on-call, on-site service support for installation and inspection, repair and troubleshooting of mechanical seals and support systems, couplings and filtration systems.

Services delivered onsite or in our high-tech repair centre enable you to reduce costs and reduce downtime while extending the lifecycle of mission-critical rotating equipment.

Service Benefits
  • Quick response to urgent needs
  • Expert support for seal installation, repair and troubleshooting
  • Dedicated service engineers get mission-critical equipment back up and running
  • Trained technical workforce on-site
  • Reduced healthy and safety risks
  • Less downtime increases productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced costs and extended life expectancy of equipment


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